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“…the thing about literature and music. You use it as a way of defining yourself. You use it as an extension of your character. Somebody else’s words writing your thoughts. And I think everybody who relates to music is kind of isolated. It’s lonely. Everyone who uses the creative side of their brain is that much removed from reality. They are looking for answers wherever they can find them.”

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I blame Ms Kirsch for my Laura Marling mini obsession. And by “blame” I mean “thank”.

Laura Marling | Rest in the Bed

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Laura Marling | Night After Night

"darling, I loved you. I longed to become you.
I know what it is that you gave.
we danced the sorrow. forgive me tomorrow.
I pray night after night, day after day.
would you watch my body weaken,
my mind drift away.” 

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epuise: Laura Marling “My Manic & I”

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Its not like I believe in everlasting love.

Laura Marling “Ghosts”

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Laura Marling - New Romantic

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